Learning Objective: Understand the requirements of an NEA
Consolidate learning of hardware and operating systems

Exemplary NEA Document
This is not full marks but can give you an idea of the work that is put into the NEA

Task 1
Complete an evaluation of your NEA project.
1. Comment on each subtask and how well you have solved the problem
2. Comment on any improvements you would make if you were to complete this again.

Task 2
Work through Homework 14/15 to complete before next Monday

Task 3
Work through Homework 16 to complete for the test

Year 7/8

Hour of Code Minecraft 1
Hour of Code Minecraft 2
Hour of Code Python

Google Sites Project in Google classroom


Learning Objective: Be able to show your understanding of basic programming using comments in your code.
Be able to ensure your code is robust by using a test table.

Open your NEA documents:
- Evidence Document
- Your Code
- Programming slides of NEA

Task 1
1. Ensure you have created a full menu with all options, loops and selection (if).
2. Add comments to your code.
3. Screen shot the code of your main menu in to your evidence document.

Task 2
1. Complete slide 3 and 5 of the Programming slides for NEA; adding code for the first option of the menu.
2. Comment on this code.
3. Screenshot the code and place in your evidence document.

Task 3
Have you tested your code?
Did it run correctly?
1. Develop your testing table using your initial test plan. Test every aspect of your first 2 tasks.

What will be the next part of the NEA programming? What will you need to do for the next option?